Deimos: Edit

Deimos is a power game and requires a minimum skill level of 7 500. It is the first game on the list to feature upgrades and diamonds. Empire Attack describes the game as "Full on one hour. A lot of everything - all the time. Advanced players only. Upgradeable weapons, defences and other abilities." The game is 1 hour long and closes 5 minutes before the end. Winning a power game adds to your Power Game rank 1 wins score.

Terrain: Edit

The terrain of Deimos includes hills of around 100-500 people to cross, rivers or around 500-1500 people to cross, lakes of around 1000-2000 people to cross, and walls and mountains that are both uncrossable. Deimos also features wastelands. Clicking hills you will also find diamonds which can be spent in the Empire Attack shop for upgrades in that game.